From Our Customers

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, like many businesses we had to pivot to ensure that our family's needs were being met in a time where restrictions on funeral sizes and traveling plans were at an all-time high.

MFAV Live Productions came highly recommended to us. Maynard and Fred were able to provide our funeral home and our families with their audio/video expertise while also integrating family slideshows, video tributes from family members who were unable to travel to be present at the service, and providing images of floral and memorial tributes that had been sent to the family. We have received many compliments on the way our streaming services were set-up and many guests who were able to take part in a funeral service via live-streaming felt as though they were truly there. Our funeral home cannot thank MFAV Live Productions enough for ensuring that our area had these streaming services and took this task off our plate so we could continue to serve our families and focus on other details.

To date, as restrictions have eased our funeral home and our families continue to find great value in live-streaming funeral services for their loved ones and we are very grateful to Maynard and Fred for the reliable, professional, and detail-oriented services they have provided us over the last two years. We would encourage anyone who seeks audio and video services to consider MFAV Live Productions for their next event, you will not be disappointed.

Dayna Deans, McBurney Funeral Home LTD.

Dayna Deans

MCBurney Funeral Home, Wingham

Like many businesses, the Eaton Funeral Home in Listowel strives to continually adapt and grow to better serve our families. That was especially important through the pandemic when it wasn’t possible for families to come together to mourn the loss and celebrate the life of a loved one.

The staff at MFAV Live Productions stepped up and helped our families to gather in a virtual format with live-stream funeral celebrations. Our families have come to expect high standards of quality from our business and our partners, and MFAV Live Productions helped to deliver, professional, reliable, and cost-effective services.

Maynard and Fred made our jobs easier, by providing technical and sound expertise and equipment, along with integrating special photos, videos, graphics, and messages, and taking care of the final editing and sharing of these important moments. They supported grieving families by allowing more people to be part of a service in times when travel and gatherings were limited. Many also found it valuable to be able to view the funeral at a later date, sometimes catching important moments that might otherwise have been missed.

We hope that Covid is on its last legs, but we will continue to offer live-stream funeral services as their value is immense.  We recommend you consider MFAV for any of your live events requiring audio or video support.

Sean Eaton, Eaton Funeral Home

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, staff at the Hardy-Lee Funeral Home in Harriston have sought new ways to better serve our families, in a time when travel and gatherings were often restricted.

One of the most important and lasting changes we’ve made has been in introducing live-stream funeral celebrations with the support of MFAV Live Productions.

Live-stream funeral celebrations complement traditional funerals, by allowing people to participate even when travel and large gatherings are limited. Going forward, we will continue to offer this service, as we have witnessed the benefit to the people who may not be able to be here in person due to distance, health concerns, or other reasons.

We’ve found that many families find comfort and value in the opportunity to view the funeral celebration at a later date.

Fred and Maynard of MFAV Live Productions have made this possible, delivering reliable, professional service at a reasonable price. Knowing that they will handle setup, editing, and troubleshooting means we can focus on caring for grieving families.

We are pleased to recommend MFAV Live Productions for your live events requiring audio or video support.

Allan Lee, Hardy-Lee Funeral Home

MFAV Live Productions have provided sound for the Listowel Fair's outdoor Opening Night Ceremonies, the Church Service, and the Rising Fame Youth Talent Search for a number of years now as well as new this year, providing the sound for the Marie Bottrell concert at the Listowel Fair Senior's Day program. Every event is treated with professionalism and the sound is fantastic, no matter which venue the event is being held at or in on the fairgrounds. Our performers, guests, emcees, and competitors at our events are treated extremely well and made to sound their best. We know we don't have to worry about the sound system when Maynard is looking after it. We look forward to working with Maynard for many years to come!

Elizabeth Johnston – Listowel Agriculture Fair Board