MFAV Works With The Town of Listowel

What an adventure MFAV Live Productions has been on since we decided to start providing video and audio solutions in Southwestern Ontario approximately a year ago. In this brief update we would like to share an event we helped with this past summer (2021) for the town of Listowel.

MFAV was contacted and asked if we would coordinate the audio for various outdoor events during their (name of the event). This included arranging for the rental of an outdoor drive-in theatre and sound for various presentations during the event.

We were hoping to rent all the equipment for the drive-in and provide the service ourselves, but in the end, we needed to contract this component. Typically, we have the equipment necessary to handle most audio and video events.  Our hope is to acquire a portable outdoor screen in the future, so we are able to provide this popular service ourselves.


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